Welcome to yet another blog I have on WordPress. This one is specifically for info on my debut novel entitled; My Famous Friend. Prior to the book’s release I thought it would be fun to blog about it first with things like ‘meet the characters’ and other snip-its you won’t find in the book itself. Let’s start with what it’s all about.

My Famous Friend

​When it comes to fame, dark days can be much more prevalent than the glamorous spotlights and camera flashes. A fact often overlooked by the relentless media is that celebrities are people too. Young entertainer Ross Krane knows how to effortlessly pack a stadium but that doesn’t mean he’s in good company. His constant reality is being alone in a crowded room. Kristen, an impossibly stubborn individual, winds up being the high-profile star’s confidant. In one of the rare moments where life slows down enough to pause, Kristen observes her famous friend: “It was one of those moments where I realized he’s just a kid, a kid standing on an empire, but just a kid. Ross Krane is a person like me in need of love, truth, and support.”

Kristen is a passionate, headstrong individual with discipline that is found in her fitness routine—every other aspect about her is entirely erratic. Loyalty is her strong suit; she protects the ones she loves as a mother lion mercilessly protects her cubs. Should anyone or anything mess with her pride, there will be repercussions, possibly fatal ones depending on the insult. She is not a girl who shies away from a little violence. To her, family is not characterized by blood; she takes the responsibility of being a guardian very seriously. If situations call for roughness especially in the case of Shayne, her long time best friend, Kristen will be on the front lines.

A story of love in it’s many forms, and brutality at it’s finest.

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Published by: Genevieve Rose

First, there was WhatsupHollywood because I have a heart for Hollywood and it's important for us to remember celebrities are people too. This is the line of thinking led to my first novel, My Famous Friend, which led to a blog for my first book; Now, there is Mindless Peace, a blog where I post the upside of faith, life and culture presented in weekly slivers of gleaned advice on how to maintain that out-of-the-mind level of peace.

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