Meet the Characters: Kristen

I’d like to introduce you to Kristen Rifle…

Her personality fits the weapon she’s named after. Volatile. Daring. Stubborn. She’s someone you want on your side because she’d be one helluva enemy. She’s a do-er, sort of an act first think later type of a person. She’ strong both mentally and physically, she likes to keep in shape. Fitness is her sanity. Keeping her endurance up and her muscles toned is the only positive outlet she has for her stress, the stress of being there for everyone from her boyfriend to Hollywood’s brightest star. Unfortunately, being in the gym doesn’t keep all of what angers her at bay. She feels responsible, even as the youngest in her family. She feels like she has to be the hero. Caring for others is where Kristen finds purpose. If she doesn’t who will? Who else will be there for her boyfriend, and the dog, and her friends? Both famous and not, who else is going to save her best friend from round-the-clock abuse? If only she could care kindly instead of being so hostile. For those who know her, they wouldn’t want anyone else in their corner, for those who don’t well…they wouldn’t mind if she were dead.

Author’s note: writing is such a great journey, such a grand escape from reality. I had a blast writing MFF, it’s how I survived high school. As I wrote I got to meet the people I made up, sounds crazy but if you’re a writer you get it. Kristen is the one who tells the story, some see her as rude and narrow-minded, others see her as strong and passionate. Though she may not always handle things right, she means well, honestly.


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